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Woman Travels Several Miles To Discover The Truth About Rural Shelters

Aside from writing books, Cara Sue Achterberg is a passionate advocate of rescuing dogs. One of the most influential books that she has written is entitled Another Good Dog and Girls Weekend. From the title of the book, we all know that the story would revolve around a good dog.

But if there is one thing that Cara is proud to do, it would be helping in rescuing dogs. In an interview, the book author mentioned that there is a different feeling whenever she helps rescue dogs. While she enjoys writing books, the fulfillment she feels as she helps rescue dogs is different.

According to Cara, she could not recall where her advocacy of dogs started. But what she knows is that her heart is set to the right thing of doing. This is why, as much as she could, Cara volunteers to rescue dogs.

In Caras recent venture, the author embarked on a journey to know the real score of dogs living in rural shelters. She had to travel thousands of miles to know and understand the plight of dogs in rural shelters. But even with this, Cara said her journey was fulfilling. The reason for this is that she saw that rural animal shelters are as keen as the usual animal shelters.

With her realization, Cara said that she would continue with her passion for dogs. Cara likewise said that she would still foster dogs whenever she feels the need to. This activity, she said, makes her feel alive. But more than this, her interest in dogs inspired her to write more stories and books about dogs.

Cara said that she would soon release the findings she had when she probed on the animal shelters in a rural setting. For now, the author is enjoying her volunteer work with an animal shelter in her vicinity.

Credits to Paws for Change.

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