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How to care for Your Old Dog

You should pay more attention to the overall health of your dog. You will need to increase the frequency of medical check-ups.

dog bordeaux

What To Do?

Your vet should be able to tell damage or deterioration and should indicate how to manage that pain. There are excellent doctors and unique care centers for our pets.

Nutrition is important. A balanced diet rich in nutrients will help reduce cellular aging. Your vet can give you more recommendations about this.

old man pug

What else?

Physical activity also helps. It is advisable to increase the number of walks and reduce duration. The old dog may not retain the urine as before. We should give them the opportunity to go out more times without getting them too tired. Recent studies indicate that moderate exercises improve the function of the brain.

Your dog should have a healthy lifestyle overall. You should not scold them if they do not want to do activities or eat.

Remember, first and foremost, to consult your vet.

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