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Tips To Improve the Quality Life Of Your Old Dog

As your dog grows old, you must adapt to the changes that aging brings up. Here are a few tips that may come in handy for you.

Patience and Tolerance

Animals experience physical changes in old age. It is important to understand these changes and to accept the new behavior they develop. Our dog does not want to play with us like before. They lack energy. These are possible in mood and habits.

Some dogs will change more drastically than others. They may be less interested in what is happening around them. Therefore we should not leave them alone if this happens. We should respect their rest, However, we should encourage them to be active and exercise.

dog senior
What to do?

Old dogs should have their own comfortable space in the house. Besides they should have their own toys, blankets, or any other item they love. The love for them should not change.

dog outside senior Vet check-ups should be carried out at least once a year for prevention. Your vet can also provide useful recommendations.

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