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This Abandoned Pooch Becomes An Award-Winning Therapy Dog

This three-legged pooch named Jeanie is living a dream. Despite her ugly past, she is now enjoying a relatively good life with a family. The dog got a disability due to the unruliness of her previous owner.

When the pooch was rescued when she was five months old, the rescuers found out that the pooch had a crippled front leg. Since they do not know what to do, the rescuers brought the dog to a nearby animal shelter.

The veterinarian who looked after the pooch recommended for the immediate remove the injured leg. The reason for this is that the same could infect other parts of the body. Since the rescuers did not know what to do at that time, they agreed with the doctors advice.

Jeanies operation went smooth and safe, but the post-surgery part was the hardest. According to the dogs rescuers, the dog could not believe that she lost a leg. The rescuers had to remind the dog very so often that she is special no matter what.

Good thing, a family headed by Lydia Crochet came just in time to give the dog the home she deserves. Lydia fulfilled all the needed documentation to adopt the pooch. After receiving the green light, Lydia and her immediate family members brought the dog to their home.

Lydia then promised to the pooch that she will have the best life possible. After the dog recovered from her past trauma, Jeanie started to open up. From there, she learned that her problem are better addressed when other people know about it. Jeanie is now serving as a therapy pooch and has recently been named as an award-winning therapy dog.

Credits to Jeanie the Three-Legged Dog.

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