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How To Understand An Old Dog?

Naturally, we all age, including dogs. Cellular, organic, and metabolic changes take place and this makes us all vulnerable to diseases.

When we age, behavior changes as well. This is noticeable in dogs and it may become a problem for the owner who needs to understand how to interpret and act accordingly.

The aging process in a dog involves a change of the owner’s perception and habits to adapt to the new circumstances.

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What does aging consist of?

Aging is a slow, progressive, and irreversible degeneration of the organism’s structures. Organs age and the immune system becomes weak. Your old is prone to diseases and changes in behavior.

The senses are not as acute as before. Fatigue and pain appear.

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Major Changes in Behavior

Identifying signs of aging can help us act accordingly.

The old dog is generally slower. They will tend to sleep more, reduce her physical activity, and demonstrate less patience. These changes are due to sense deterioration and a reduction of mental capacities.

Impoverished auditory and visual capacity make the dog less sure of themselves. They can react aggressively because of a lack of clarity. The loss of the sense of smell or taste affects the appetite as well. They all become less tolerant to noise.

Pain also affects them. Bones and joints hurt. Vet check-ups should take place at least once a year for prenvention and treatment.

Dogs may also suffer from “Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.” This syndrome reduces the number of neurons and the production of some neurotransmitters such as serotonin dopamine. Although there is no cure. There is treatment: we need to take care of them more, leave him calmer, and take more care of the diet and health.

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