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Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Have A Dog

Before the adorable face of a puppy touches your heart, you have to reflect on what you are willing to do with your lifestyle.

The First Five

1- Why do you want a dog?

Too many people don’t ask themselves this simple question before purchasing a pet. For them, acquiring a puppy often ends up being a mistake.

2- Do you have time for a dog?

A dog cannot be ignored simply because one is busy or tired. Many dogs end up abandoned because their owner did not consider the amount of time that their care requires.

3- Can you afford a pet?

Having a pet may be expensive; feeding and vet care cost a lot of money.

4- Are you ready for the challenges that a dog can represent?

Broken objects, fighting with other dogs, flea infestation among others.

5- Is your house suitable for a dog?

Dogs need adequate conditions depending on breed.

dog pitbull

The Five Remaining

6- Is it a good time to have a dog?

A dog can live for 15 years. Think about how many things can change in your life such as marriage, divorce, the birth of children so that your dog does not become a burden.

7- Are your life habits adequate to have a dog?

Your lifestyle should match that of your dog. For example, small breeds like terriers are very active and require a lot of exercises to be calm.

8- Are you going to be a responsible owner?

Offering a healthy diet and veterinary care is just one example.

9- Do you know who will take care of your dog if you take vacations or fall ill?

You will need a trustworthy person, a friend or relative who takes care of the dog, or money to pay for a residence in illness or vacation. For example, when I go on holidays my wife sister move to our home to take care of them

10- Are you emotionally prepared to take care of a dog for many years?

When you buy or adopt a dog, you sign a long-term commitment, which will last your pet’s life.

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