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Woman Spends Days Rescuing A Terrified Puppy Living In The Forest

As dog lovers, we always find it hard to say no to helping a needy dog. Many of us would feed strays and even volunteer in animal shelters to help. Being a person who loves dogs means opening our hearts to all dogs.
A woman named Elisa can truly be called a dog lover. When she learned that a puppy was living in the woods, she decided to learn more about the puppy to rescue her. Elisa was told that the puppy was living alone in the forest after being orphaned and abandoned.
Elisa also learned that locals took it upon themselves to leave food for the puppy. However, the puppy was too scared to come near people, so rescuing her would be pretty hard. Despite all this, Elisa was still determined to rescue the shy puppy.
Elisa frequently went into the woods to find the puppy and befriend her. However, no matter how hard she tried, the puppy was still too frightened to come near her. The puppy would accept Elisa’s food, but she refused to come near anyone.
Elisa knew she had to rescue the puppy as winter was fast approaching. The puppy needed shelter, and the cold weather would prove too much for the tiny puppy to handle. Thankfully, Elisa and her partner came up with a solution. They decided to set up a humane trap.
Elisa figured it was the only way to catch the puppy since they only had a little time. Luckily for Elisa, the trap worked, and they caught the puppy and brought her to the local animal rescue shelter.
The puppy was given medical treatment there and learned that humans weren’t bad. The puppy slowly adjusted to life at the animal rescue shelter, and the time came that she was ready to be adopted.
The tiny puppy has a forever home, thanks to Elisa’s determination. Despite the challenge, Elisa chose not to give up and did everything she could to rescue the puppy. Here’s a video featuring Elisa rescuing the tiny puppy and giving her a new life.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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