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An Elderly Dog Was Left At A Shelter And Thankfully Given A Second Chance At Life

Strays make up the great majority of shelter canines. Some may have belonged at home until their owners were compelled to surrender the dog due to a life-altering event.
Dogs who formerly belonged to a loving family struggle to adapt to life in an animal shelter and frequently develop depression. They merely wish to reunite with their loved ones.
Julep is a dog who formerly belonged to a kind owner. For around 18 years, she was content and the perfect dog for her owner. Regrettably, Julep’s owner died suddenly, and no one in the man’s family offered to take her home with them. As a result, Julep soon found herself in an animal shelter, where she felt isolated.
Julep merely wanted to return home to her human and was perplexed why she couldn’t. There was also a limited chance she would be adopted because most people who come to the shelter looking for a dog choose puppies or younger dogs. Julep is already 18 years old. Thus no one wants to adopt her.
The old canine was anticipated to spend the rest of her days at the animal shelter. That is, until a man on a motorcycle arrived at the top, looking for Julep. Wane Lerch, a local DC inhabitant, is this person. Wayne, it turned out, had been in mourning since the death of his beloved pit bull two weeks before arriving at the shelter to adopt Julep.
When Wayne logged into Facebook, he saw Julep’s adoption petition and decided to help. He scheduled an appointment with the animal shelter to meet Julep. Wayne pondered whether or not to adopt Julep as he rode his Harley to the protection.
When he saw her at the shelter, he knew he wanted to adopt Julep. But unfortunately, Wayne couldn’t take Julep with him because he was riding his motorcycle. As a result, he rode his motorcycle home, drove to the shelter, and then came home with Julep.

Source and picture: Zoo Land

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