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Momma Dog, Who Gave Birth To Eleven Adorable Puppies In The Middle Of The Woods, Waited Patiently Until Help Arrived.

One day, a man encountered a homeless mama dog delivering puppies amid the woods. He knew he had to act, but he didn’t know what. He wasn’t even sure if he’d be able to approach the dogs close enough. Instead, he dialed Angela’s Ark, whose founder, Angela Marie, promptly returned his call.
Angela tagged along with her friend, and the two went to the mountains to save the furry family. When they came, they discovered the mother lying on the ground, surrounded by eleven newborn puppies. They checked each of them, but they had to be cautious because they didn’t know if she’d be overprotective of her children.
Sky, the mother, surprisingly, did not respond at all. She was too exhausted even to get up. She just lay there, hoping for someone to come and help her. When the rescuers arrived, she merely looked at them and let them do their job.
The Sky was initially wary, but she never showed symptoms of aggressiveness. Instead, she crawled into the makeshift bed her rescuers had built for her and began nursing her puppies. The next day, though, she warmed up and showed them some tenderness.
The Sky began raising her puppies flawlessly with the assistance of her rescue family. Unfortunately, she tested strongly positive for heartworm and mastitis. She was in the hospital and needed to avoid them sooner than intended.
All 11 puppies grew up to be big and powerful and were soon available for adoption. Of course, Angela was delighted and sad to see them leave, but she knew it was for the best. After all, she selected only the ideal households for them.
Meanwhile, Sky had surgery and took her time to heal. She began her first heartworm treatment after she was stable, and like a true warrior, she walked out of the hospital sturdy and robust.
The Sky is still undergoing treatment but is doing well and loving her time in her foster home. She, too, will soon find her forever home.

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