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This Dog Had No Idea His Grandmother Had Died, So He Waited For Her For Two Years.

Residents discovered snow, a massive white dog, residing within the yard of an abandoned house in Angarsk, Russia. They assumed he was a stray who had searched the farm and sought refuge. Instead, they discovered he belonged to the older woman who formerly lived in the house.
Snow’s owner had a long struggle with cancer. Finally, however, she succumbed to her injuries and died two years ago. Unfortunately, he was the only one he had, so he was left on the streets when she died.
The dog went out in the morning to look for food. He returned to his old house’s yard after being full, assuming he was lucky enough to find something to eat. He remained there, expecting that his owner would finally appear.
He didn’t understand why his owner had abandoned him. He was also still determining whether she would return. But, because he was such a good dog, he waited for her no matter how long it took.
Snow’s condition deteriorated sooner rather than later. He lost weight and subsequently became ill. Finally, he was nothing more than a walking skeleton who couldn’t even support his weight. His savior arrived just in time.
Snow was given a thorough medical examination when he arrived at the vet’s office. First, he needed to be hooked to an IV to replace the lost fluids. He also required particular medications to stabilize his condition, and he had to eat just a few bits of food at a time, no matter how hungry.
Within a few days, the dog felt strong enough to stand alone. He returned home with his rescuer and received the best care possible. He, on the other hand, remained depressed and afraid. He refused to allow his rescuer out of sight and growled whenever he didn’t see him.
Snow presumably believes his master abandoned him and fears his savior will do the same. It’s a nightmare he has yet to overcome, but he will. So, for now, he can relax, knowing he will never be alone again.

Source and picture: Instagram@Dog Angel?and?Animal Safe Shelter

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