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More Than A Year Has Passed, And We Are Now Looking Forward To Better Days.

Something wasn’t right when the residents of a small town in South Korea noticed a black sedan stop at a fishing port. There was no reason for anyone to halt in that area, so the locals went to investigate. However, as soon as they were close enough, the vehicle drove away, leaving two dogs behind.
The dogs stayed together outside the small warehouse near the dock, hoping their owner would return. They were not going anywhere, no matter what. They expected to be there when their owner returned.
Months passed, with no one showing up to care for the pets. Despite this, they never gave up hope. After all, they had each other. But that was before one of the dogs vanished without a trace.
The little white dog had no idea where his pal had gone. He awoke one morning in their small shelter, completely alone. From then on, he searched for his friend at all hours of the day and night.
Neighbors came together to help the dog, but they were concerned about more than just feeding him. They decided to catch him when they discovered his leash strangled him tightly. They tried several times but could never get close to the puppy.
The leash around the dog’s neck strangled him more as he grew more prominent. Finally, it had gotten so tight that he was almost suffocating. It was difficult for him to eat or even breathe, but that didn’t stop him from looking for his companion.
Despite his excruciating pain, he continued to search the entire town. He didn’t pause for a second because he was desperate to find out what had happened to his friend. At the same time, he continued to scan the passing cars to see if anyone he knew would stop and pick him up.
The poor dog was in excruciating pain, and the residents decided it was time to end it. They contacted a local rescue group and devised a plan to capture the puppy. They had to make a lot of preparations, but they could save him in the end.
After such a long period of pain, the dog is finally pain-free. He may never see his pal or owner again, but he is coming to a new beginning. He now has better and more beautiful days ahead of him.

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