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A Dedicated Owner Decides Against The Euthanasia Of A Paralyzed Dog And Goes For Another Course Of Action

Max was just three months old when he was adopted by a man named Jonathan. The dog was extremely devoted, and he made his master very happy. They spent endless hours together and shared numerous happy moments.
Jonathan’s pet was the ideal buddy who never failed to cheer him up. Max’s disposition usually made him grin, and he eagerly anticipated playing with his pet. Even moments that can be described as boring, such as just sitting on the sofa, were activities they cherished as long as they were together.
One day, Jonathan observed that his dog was in distress, making him feel like he was in agony.
It all began when he observed that every time Max moved, he was in discomfort. Over time, he observed that the dog’s mobility became severely restricted. His condition eventually rendered him completely immobile. Even when Jonathan moved Max for a? bit, the dog whimpered because it was experiencing discomfort.
An examination by a vet revealed that the dog had a herniated disc that was exerting pressure on his spine. Even after surgery, there was no assurance that the dog would regain complete mobility. But the dog’s suffering would cease at least. There was also the risk that the dog would not survive the procedure.
The veterinarian suggested putting Max to sleep. However, Jonathan was unwilling to take this option and decided to allow Max to have surgery. If the sick dog could recover, he would take it even if it meant he would have to shell out a lot of money. He was willing to take the risk to help Max.
The operation was then scheduled for the dog, and he miraculously survived. He could only move his front legs, but the procedure was successful because the discomfort was finally gone.
Jonathan bought a wheelchair for his dog and spent much time caring for the animal. He assisted the dog in relieving himself and provided him with the needed therapy.
Max was surprised by his normal, happy self even if there were no limitations. But this was fine with Jonathan because he preferred that his dog maintained the same disposition that he had before.

Source: The Kiwi

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