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“Woman Rescued A Pregnant Dog Who Was Confused, Scared, And Hungry”

Sandra Dizdarevic, from Lukavac, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, is an animal rescuer. She patrols her neighborhood and the neighboring regions daily to feed stray animals and assist those needing medical treatment. So it’s no surprise that this compassionate woman rescued a starving, bewildered, and pregnant dog off the street.

She not only rescues dogs, but she also visits the vet clinic every day to obtain updates on the animals she has already saved. On her way to the clinic one morning, she came across a stray dog that seemed befuddled. This dog was similarly terrified and undernourished.

The rescuer attempted to approach the puppy, but it was too scared to come to her. He took ten steps forward for every five she brought forward. He tried to stay a safe distance from her since he didn’t want to be near her.

Despite the dog’s reluctance, the rescuer persisted. She kept track of him and tried hard to earn his trust. Finally, the woman discovered he was a she, and she was pregnant after she managed to pet him.

Sandra gave it her all and ultimately won the dog’s confidence. Lorena was her name, and she vowed to make her and her baby’s life wonderful. She tenderly held her in her arms and drove her to the veterinarian.

Lorena only had one youngster in her tummy, according to Dr. Nurija Omerovic, the veterinary clinic’s chief veterinarian. However, he also noted that because her baby was significant, she could have difficulty giving delivery. In addition, Lorena was a young dog, perhaps less than a year old. To ensure that everything went smoothly, he proposed that she stay with him until she gave delivery.

Lorena was content and at ease. She ate adequately and even went for morning walks. She gave birth to Luana about a week later. Dr. Omerovic saved her from having to have a C-section.

No longer perplexed, Scared And Hungry, She and her canine companion are prepared to take the next step.
The mother dog and her puppies spent around two weeks at the veterinarian’s office. Dr. Omerovic wanted to make sure they were both in good health. So Sandra took them under her care and moved them to her shelter, Give A Dog A Home, at the time.

Lorena and Luana will spend the next several weeks with Sandra until they are healthy and ready to find new homes. After that, they will spend their days being loved and cared for until that time comes, since that is what they deserve.

Credits toSandra DizdarevicandYouTube/The Penguin

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