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Dog Interrupts An Actor That Claims To Be Hurt And Melted Hearts To Console Him

The action of a stray dog during a theater show in Turkey has made everyone who witnessed it smile, not only on the actor’s faces. The sweet moment was viral on the internet, and even more people were affected.

Actor Numan Ertu?rul Uzunsoy performed during a street show, played a person who had fallen off his horse and breathed hard. The script called upon him to sit down and act with pain, and one audience member was too confident in his performance. Slowly, the four-legged creature approached him and worshiped him from the flute.

When the dog came over him, he comforted him in an attempt to hug him by laying him alongside his head. Uzunsoy initially felt something warm to him and believed it to be his co-star. However, he saw it was a dog when he opened his eyes. It gave him even a few kisses.

When he saw what was going on, the act of the dog was awe-inspiring. And he was able to help only break the character and shape a smile. This unforeseen yet lovely break from the show welcomed the rest of the crew and the actors. All of them loved the dog, and the audience also applauded the dog.

The following day, Uzunsoy returned to the place, hearing that the dog usually was hanging out. However, he was willing to give the dog his kindness to find a home forever. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the dog that day, but until he found it, he promised to look again for it.

Dogs are adorable animals, and they’re always trying to help people out. Perhaps they can’t speak comforting words, but their gestures are insufficient to convey it. They also deserve to be reassured, be careful, and, above all, be loved.

Source:Izmit Belideyesi

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