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Woman Adopts Senior Dog Unaware That She Was Her Childhood Pup

Nicole Grimes was an only child who often felt lonely at home as she grew up. She played alone most of the time. On the other hand, her granny gave her one of the most excellent gifts she could ever receive when she turned ten.

Her birthday present was Chloe, a small gray puppy who quickly became her most fantastic companion. The two were inseparable and accomplished everything as a team. Nicole adored her since she was such a sweet and playful dog. Unfortunately, their time together did not last indefinitely.


Chloe was carried out of the family.

Nicole’s father began working from home when she was 14 years old. As a result, he needed a peaceful environment to concentrate on his work. The issue was that Chloe was a loud dog, and it was constantly annoying her father. This meant the dog had to be euthanized.

Nicole stated that she was powerless to intervene. She was just a kid at the time. As a result, they gave the dog to the local humane society. She hoped and prayed that a loving family would adopt her cherished pet.


Nicole grew up, obtained her degree, and eventually started her own family through the years. She acknowledges, though, that she had never entirely forgotten about her beloved Chloe. She even contacted the shelter to inquire about her dog’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, they were unable to provide her with any information.

She wanted to experiment with the happiness of having a dog again, and she wanted her kid to have the same experience. As a result, she chose to adopt a puppy. But she had to reconsider when she saw a Facebook post about a senior dog in need of a home.


Nicole stated she was reminded of Chloe when she saw the pictures of the dog. They had the same appearance and had the same name. She assumed it was just a coincidence. This contributed to the adoption of the dog.

Nicole began to notice many similar qualities about her new dog after a while. Things that her puppy did when she was a kid. She had the impression that this Chloe was identical to the one she had previously met. They obtained her former veterinarian’s ID number to corroborate her allegation

They then took the dog to a new vet and had him scanned. The numbers were the same. Nicole had the impression that she had won the jackpot. Her Chloe had returned home after all these years.

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