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A Video About The Last Birthday Celebration Of An 11-S Rescue Dog

Bretagne, the Labrador, had a ride in a limo through New York and rested in a hotel room to celebrate 16 years of a life devoted to humanitarian tasks.

The last dog alive to participate in the rescue operation of the fall of the twin Towers, Bretagne celebrated her birthday in this way. The Labrador and her trainer, Denise Cortez, enjoyed a very special day in New York in appreciation for what they did that day and days following the fall of the Twin Towers.

Denise said the dog did not limit to act as a rescue dog but among the chaos she was a source of peace and comfort for the people trapped under the debris.

Bretagnes birthday received VIP treatment. She got to the Central Park Hotel in limo. There she was welcomed as a hero and got her own room with special treats and room service.

SOURCE:; El Universal

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