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Two Dog Moms Give Birth In The Same Drainpipe, They Are Both Rescued, Including 11 Puppies

A white stray dog was regularly seen roaming in a particular neighborhood. For several months, kind-hearted people tried to save the homeless pooch but it was too fast for them. Every time someone comes near her, she quickly runs away.

One day, one of the residents decided to follow her from afar. He saw that she went inside a drainpipe and stayed there for quite a while. He boldly followed and discovered that inside with her were several tiny puppies. Concerned, he decided to call for help and got in touch with a dog rescue organization.

Mother and daughter

Rescuers went to the area and quickly found the drainpipe. The white dog, which they named Susie, was indeed inside. But the drainpipe was too small and too deep for any one of them to reach in. While they were observing Susie, and trying to come up with a way to rescue her, they saw another adult dog go in the drain pipe.

It was another female, and amazingly, she previously gave birth inside the pipe as well. After asking around, they learned that the dog was Susie’s daughter. They named her Chansey.

They now had to deal with much more pups than they first imagined.

The rescuers had to call another volunteer to help them. One that could fit inside the drainpipe. When she arrived, she went down the pipe and took them out one by one.

Thankfully, Chansey was not as skittish as her mom and allowed the people to rescue her and all of the pups. They could distinguish which pups were hers and which ones were Susie’s as some of them were bigger and were born earlier.

Chansey had seven puppies, while Susie had four.


True to her nature, Susie ran away, so they had to set up a trap for her. Because she had been wary about humans for so long, it took three days before they were able to catch her.

She joined her family in the shelter where they were given treatment and nourishment every day. In the next three months, five of the puppies were adopted. Susie has also learned how to trust humans and how to be a happy dog.

The rescue group is still looking for families that will adopt them.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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