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With The Dog To The Office?

You go to work and when you are there you realize how you miss your dog! Nowadays, some companies allow pet visitors at work, so problem solved! This is the feedback on this amazing experience.

Advantages of your dog in your workplace

– You are in a better mood and more productive. You are not stressed out thinking you need to go back home to take them for a walk. Consequently, you do not mind putting more hours to your work schedule.

– The work environment becomes more amicable. You have a common topic to speak about and share experiences.

– You feel at home and work more. The company benefits from this.

dog the office

What type of dog should you take to work?

According to Descree Mitton, a vet founder of Take a dog to work day, indicates the following breeds can be taken to work:

– Golden Retriever

– Greyhounds and Dalmatians

– Yorkshire terrier

– Beagle

– Shetland

Recommendations at the office

Taking the dog to an office has become then an area of interesting study. The following tips should help dogs adapt to the owners workplace:

– You can start the day doing exercises with your dog.

– Your dog should be healthy and their vaccines up to date.

– Your dog should not be aggressive.

– You must keep an eye on your dog.

– As the owner, you should be held accountable of your dog at all times.

– Your dog should have a familiar object at the office, say a mattress.

– You should not feed the dog inside the office. They should drink water or eat elsewhere, nearby.

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