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Unbelievable! School Bus Adapted To Give Dogs a Ride For a Tour Around The City

Check the video and find out about a school bus for dogs. This incredible story takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You will see a beautiful dog getting on to the bus. The dog is happy to see his friends. The other dogs look happy as well and give him a warm welcome. The journey begins then!

The journey is about to begin!

Len Daro Sipes is in charge of this magical adventure. He is a dog trainer who lives in Buenos Aires. He takes dogs for walks for a living. However recently, he bought a school bus and has fully adapted it for this activity.

Big dogs take the back seats whereas the small ones the front ones. Each dog has each seat belt. Len has also created a dog school to train them.

dog bus

Sipes picks up dogs from Monday to Saturday, even on holidays. They go around ten neighborhoods in the city. The journey lasts an hour and a half and an additional time is also spent playing in the park. If the weather is nice, they take a half an hour walk, says Len.

Sipes is one of a kind. He is very devoted to the dogs. On rainy days, he wears an orange raincoat and so do the pets! In this way, the journey is not put off by bad weather!


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