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Do Dogs Have A Craze Like We May Do?

Have you ever wondered? I have. You may have noticed that your dog is unique and does not resemble others. You are also able to identify a particular way of behaving under particular circumstances that only you know.

Why do they prefer a path over another? Why do they sniff the same place? Why do they prefer some food over others? The term craze refers to an exaggerated and often transient enthusiasmor obsession and a dog may also have them!

Strange Behaviour

How they behave is part of their personality. Their way of being helps us strengthen the bond we have with them. It makes them special: they make us laugh and cry.

You may hear really funny stories. However, you may pay attention because the behavior may hide a problem. You may see they tend to pee in the same place. They may repeatedly do this to hide the smell with a stronger one.

Another common craze is the path they take and particularly crossing in strategic places. By the same token, they avoid other places. This may be due to a past trauma such as a fight with another dog, or simply a path they have memorized.

Their behavior may be due to an acquired behavior. However, you may need to analyze if it is related to some fear which you can address to enhance their wellbeing.

dogo canario crazy

Is it just routine?

You may not be able to explain rationally everything your dog does. You may also consider that your dog creates a particular routine and this routine brings control over their environment.

This idea will help us understand them better. They rely on knowing what they are doing and where they are going to be safe. This is why they repeat behaviors and develop a particular routine on their own. Knowing this can be beneficial. You can help your dog develop a healthy routine comfortable for them.

Your dog mysteriously develops their routine and as you know them better you will have fun identifying their craze in certain habits. Even the way they look at you is unique to you and others do not understand how you know what they want. Observing them closely will help tell what is beneficial for them to continue doing or stop.

Certainly, you will not be able to rationalize everything with respect to your dog. However, you will be able strengthen your relationship with them and act accordingly.

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