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With His Father, a Mixed-Breed Dog Enjoyed Going On Motorcycle Rides Anywhere

Bogie was a mixed-breed dog in Cavite, Philippines, when Gilbert Delos Reyes and his owner went to the beach and the mountains.

Bogie treasured his father’s motorbike. According to Gilbert, Bogie would sail each time he heard the engine start. Gilbert guaranteed a hull of orange always with his dog’s ears, incorporated into safety devices like photovoltaics. Sometimes he watched the heat with his sports jacket.

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When Gilbert began training him to ride a motorcycle, Bogie was just four months old. At that time, he was still too small, so Gilbert had to take him and take him while he was on his bike. Since then, Bogie wishes to go with his dad every time he leaves the house. So, he was the first one to save on the motorcycle when Gilbert began the engine.

Gilbert was a fan of motorcycling, and he operated an engine shop. At the store, Bogie was a great assistance. When people saw how good he was driving a motorbike, he was a local star and helped drive clients into the company. Furthermore, he helped guard the shop by pursuing some men who attempted to take it away in 2014.

For approximately 11 years, Bogie and Gilbert were together. Not as an ordinary pet did Gilbert treat her, but more as a son did he look at him. Bogie was an essential part of his life, and they had experienced many times together. You had been to many locations on your motorcycle together.

Gilbert so loved Bogie that he undoubtedly would be sad and couldn’t walk on after Bogie passed. Gilbert did not think Bogie’s affection and dedication would equal another dog. He was an unreplaceable sort.

Source: South China Morning Post viaYouTube

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