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A Dog Without Legs Learns To Walk Thanks To The Efforts Of a Double Amputee Again

In life, we all face challenges and issues. Cola, a nine-month-old puppy, discovered this the hard way. A furious neighbor in Thailand chopped off this dog’s front legs with a sword. His owner didn’t think he’d make it through the infection and blood loss. Cola appears to have given up hope and is simply waiting for his death. However, an angel appeared, took him under her wing, and assisted him in his recovery.

Cola’s story was heard by the Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit group that helps injured animals. To save the dog, he must be transported to Bangkok right away. So the foundation paid for the poor dog’s medical fees right away and brought him in for recovery and rehabilitation.

Soi Dog Foundation chose to help Cola walk again now that his life was no longer in danger. The first test was performed in a wheelchair. It was fine at first, but the team decided to pursue alternative possibilities due to the apparent constraints on Cola’s mobility.

Cola would benefit from carefully made prosthetic legs, according to the volunteers. So they fitted the prosthetic limbs a few months after Cola’s stumps had healed. Gill Dalley, the co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, joined the volunteers to help Cola.

Gill Dalley is a co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation and an animal rights activist. Gill, like Cola, has two amputations. Septicemia took her legs away, and the only option to save her is to amputate both of her legs. Cola’s struggle to use his new legs struck a chord with Gill.

Gill stayed at Cola’s side the entire time, guiding him through the process of relearning to walk. Gill accompanied him every day for treatment, steps, and practice until he mastered it. Gill wishes for Cola to forget the horror he has endured and promises to remain by his side. They found a supportive companion in each other, who would always remind them that they can face the obstacles that the world has in store for them.

Credits:Soi Dog Foundation via YouTube

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