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Pup Was Living In a Shoe Until This Man Rescued Him And Gave Him A Home

Little critters are frequently mistreated in life. There are numerous reports of abandoned puppies, kittens, and other animals. It’s heartbreaking to watch how thoughtless and cruel individuals can be. Leaving their dogs by the side of the road, chained to a tree, or even worse. That is why it is so refreshing to witness a joyful narrative with a happy conclusion.

Goran Marinkovic feeds and cares for stray animals. So when he went to see them in March of 2020, he got a pleasant surprise: an abandoned dog resting next to a shoe. Moreover, Goran saw that the puppy was sick and hungry.

Goran Marinkovic discovered this adorable puppy while feeding stray dogs. Unfortunately, he was tossed aside like rubbish, surrounded by garbage, and appeared in poor health. A shoe was his spoon, there was no evidence of a mother or a dog who could look after him.

The puppy was all by himself; he was pretty skinny. It was clear he hadn’t been eating or drinking properly. Goran grabbed the puppy, fed him, took him to the veterinarian, and then carried the puppy home, and he began to feel and look much better due to all the love, food, and attention he received.

Smesten is now an active and energetic dog, and he has many siblings and sisters with whom he can play. He grew up to be a lovely, friendly, loving dog, full of energy, incredibly healthy, and eager to go on adventures.

Smesten’s life was rescued by kindness, love, and consideration. All due to beautiful people like Goran.

Goran feeds stray animals in the street. Every day, he discovers something new. He is presently feeding about 100 cats and dogs. In addition, he feeds abandoned animals on the street who don’t get food from humans and have no owners. He does everything as a volunteer.

Please consider assisting stray animals in your region by volunteering or donating to a shelter. Or go hang out with the animals at shelters; they would welcome the companionship. Also, before bringing an animal into your house, make sure you’re prepared.

Credit: Bored Panda

Image credits:goran.marinkovic.dzambo



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