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What Pets Suit the Elderly Best?

You have often heard that there are many health benefits of owning a pet. This is true. Owning a pet is particularly beneficial for adults.


What breeds of dogs do the elderly choose?

The Poodle is a classic breed for elderly people. You will see many of them in parks. Poodles are intelligent, fun, and playful. In fact, poodles are well known as circus performers. They give wonderful shows; they are exceptional jumpers; they are agile and make great equilibrists in two legs. They are lively, active, easy to train, and fun-loving.

Due to the size and personality, Chihuahuas are ideal full-time companion dogs for the elderly. They are easy to live with and this is another reason why the elderly chooses Chihuahua. They are good learners. They are an excellent travel buddy for the elderly. They can be moody. However, they are loving, loyal, active, and playful. And they are tiny so the elderly owner can take them everywhere.

The Yorkshire terrier is a breed that is an excellent companion as well. They are well-known for protecting the house. They are friendly and sociable. Their temperament makes them irresistible from the moment they step into the house. They are also playful and very active and they can easily bond with the elderly.

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The Carlino, also known as Pug, is also a good breed choice for the elderly. This breed was not so popular. Their popularity is associated with the movie Men in Black. After they became more popular thanks to the movie, this affectionate and charming breed became part of more and more households. They are loyal, intelligent, social, and playful. They do not walk long distances, let alone in hot weather, since they can develop difficulty breathing due to narrowed nostrils. However, they love going out to play.

2 responses to “What Pets Suit the Elderly Best?”

  1. Lucille Crichton Avatar
    Lucille Crichton

    I too love dogs, my 2 most favourites are Jack Russell’s and the shorter built Border Collies ( the ones with the sticky up ears).

  2. Lucille Crichton Avatar
    Lucille Crichton

    I feel those of those types of breeds are super loyal if you let them be themselves you just need to make sure you let your pet pooch know who is the top dog “You”. Treat your dog with due respect and you get respect back with extra love and loyalty back in abundance.

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