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Daily Walks With Your Beloved Dog!

As you well know, your first walks with your dog are important learning opportunities.

The puppy experiences a whole new world of smells and sounds in the same way it happened when they first came home.

Your puppy will develop a relationship with the environment, other puppies, other people and different places. It is time to test their socialization! It is time for education and learning.

However, lets not do it all at once: the first time is very exciting for them and it is very unlikely that they will learn much. It needs a few times to do so.

pet walking

The First Time

The first time should be devoted to sightseeing. Dont expect them to walk by your side. You will get tired of trying and you will lose your temper. Once sightseeing is accomplished, you can start setting rules.

You must allow naturally contact with other people, dogs, trees and ponds. However, you should watch out for dangerous places or inappropriate eating. Cuddles are always welcome!

They can come close to other dogs as long as the experience is not a negative one. Small incidents may happen and you should not make a big of a deal about those.

They need to learn what is good or what is bad. As long as an experience is not a traumatic one, nothing will happen. Little by little, they will get used to going out and any issues will be minimum.

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