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Try not to cry with this story, why our dogs die before us.

This is a nice store that has been told a lot and in several ways. It helps us ponder and love our pets more.

Heres our version:

A family contacted the vet to check on Barney, their thirteen-year-old mixed-breed dog.

Lisa was the mother, and Peter was the father. Maggie was seven years old, and they were all praying for Barney.The vet checked the dog and informed the family that he was dying of cancer. Nothing could be done to help him. He volunteered to conduct euthanasia.

Before the operation, the family spent some time with the dog one final time.

Maggie appeared to be at peace. She was petting the dog. The vet questioned whether she could comprehend what was going on. Within a few minutes, the dog had fallen into a deep sleep, and he was not going to wake up.

dog old

The girls parents sadly asked the vet why such a short life for dogs. On the contrary, the little girl seemed to accept Barneys departure with ease.

Maggie, who had heard her parents, said: ” I know why!”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. In fact, the vet felt very satisfied with her explanation and from then on, he adopted her perspective.

The girl said people come to life to learn how to live, how to love and how to be a good person, right? Well, dogs are born already knowing this and so they do not need to stay with us for so long.

This is the moral of the story:

If a dog were your teacher, you would learn things such as:

*When your loved ones are back home, always run to greet them.

*Never let go an opportunity for a walk.

*Let yourself enjoy fresh air and wind.

*Run, jump and play every day.

*Be attentive and allow cuddle.

*Do not bite ” when a growl suffices.

*On warm days, lie on the ground.

And never forget that when somebody is having a bad day, sit still and close so that they know you are there.

This is the secret of happiness that our pets teach us daily even though we may not realize about it.

I hope you enjoyed the story!

6 responses to “Try not to cry with this story, why our dogs die before us.”

  1. Hi there i also a dog lover
    but recently i lost my best friend my dog,?
    He was euthanize bcz he was sick, it difficult to forget him even at night, i wish he can come back?

  2. Puneetha Fernando Avatar
    Puneetha Fernando

    They are silent companions forever faithful showing unconditional love and will watch over you with their life.

  3. If only people were as good and kind as dogs.

  4. I am a Dog lover two. I agree we could learn so much from them .Thank you for kinds words about our four leged friends.

  5. Pickering Malcolm Avatar
    Pickering Malcolm

    Yes I’m dog lover to and mine is sick and in hospital at the moment she is my best friend, she’s been with me for over ten years right by my side 24/7 from the day rescued her goes everywhere I go and I’m mean everywhere even the loo ,,,,, but the love she gives me is so pour ,,,only reel animal lover’s know what this feels like,,,,I saved her she saved me

  6. Philipp Ace Acedo Avatar
    Philipp Ace Acedo

    Yes, dogs are amazing creations of God, its like God being written backwards, No Wonder they are Mans Best Friend…love all the dogs out there especially may Coco…hardest part of having 1 is letting go… ?

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