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The 4 Biggest Dog Fears

Fear in dogs is much more frequent than we usually think, and on many occasions, it has a robust hereditary burden.

Feeling fear allows the dog to respond to dangerous situations in a fast and forceful way. Here are the four most frequent types.


1 – To social noises

One of the most common phobias in dogs is the fear of powerful and surprising noises, such as fireworks. The fear is such that it does not control its movements. The dog can get lost if it is on the street or destroy everything if locked up at home. Terror seizes him, and he will seek protection under the beds, in a closet, or any corner of the house.


2 – To people

It is the fear that some dogs experience in the presence of strangers. It can be to specific groups, such as people with certain clothing (uniforms) or highly marked social groups such as children or the elderly.

Sometimes it can be due to improper socialization or a traumatic experience as a puppy.

hidden dog

3 – To the storms

It is one of the most common fears. Some dogs may tremble as soon as the first thunder is heard. Fear appears early in the puppy and is generally inherited.


4 – To other dogs

Some dogs are insecure, and the presence of another dog can scare them.

It is usually due to an inadequate socialization process and is frequently found in dogs separated from the mother at birth.

When they see another dog, they tend to hide their tails between the legs; they adopt all the submissive animal signs. But because fear dominates them, at the same time, they show signs of aggressive defense.

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