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5 Reasons Why the Sense of Smell is So Important

Your pet should learn to develop their sense of smell because it is important but do you know why? The sense of smell allows them to:

1 Receive information from the outer world:

Dogs receive information about food, other dogs, other individuals, and how things look, feel, sound, or taste. All through the sense of smell.

2 Stimulate their brains:

There are smells that are pleasant to them. The quest for new smells is a great motivation for most dogs. The stimulus for us human beings is through reading, going to the movies, visiting a mall, or watching television. Such a stimulus for dogs is through the sense of smell.

german shepherd sniffing
3 Search for their bathroom:

If you need a public bathroom, you just look at the sign on the door, say, of a coffee shop or gas station. The place of choice for your dog is determined by their sense of smell. So, you are already guessing how important it is the sense of smell for your dog. Dogs are picky about which place they choose and get information in that particular place from other dogs that have been there.

4 Communicate with their environment:

The sense of smell allows them to be polite when introducing themselves to another dog. They tend to sniff the floor instead of heading directly to them. By doing this, they signal friendliness if the other dog is nervous or seems uncomfortable. This helps give a message to other impulsive dogs as well. On certain occasions, they use the same strategy to approach us, human beings. How many times do you call out on your dog loudly? They may sense you may be upset and instead of running to you, they approach slowly while SNIFFING at the same time.

5 Help Self-care:

If your dog feels uneasy or uncomfortable at a particular time or in a particular place, they choose to start sniffing. This gives them a sense of relief. They may not be interested in what they are smelling then. You will see that if your dog is stressed out or uneasy, they may not be doing this because they are too concerned about what is going on in the surroundings. Instead, they walk restlessly and stare. This makes them more stressed out. If they could simply focus on their sniffing, they would calm down. Sometimes they will do that on their own; other times, they may not achieve it. It is then when you should step out and help them! You know their particular toy or blanket and they will appreciate your handing that to them to achieve comfort.

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