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Watch This Social Media Celebrity Introduce All Her Dogs And Describe Their Personalities

Fans of internet celebrities can be very curious about their idols’ personal lives. That’s why celebrities often get a lot of attention when they share something.
If they share something involving their pets, the positive attention gets amplified because people love dogs. That said, here is Heidi D’Amelio introducing her dogs to the world.
Heidi is the mother of an influencer from TikTok, Charli D’Amelio. Recently, she was asked by The Dodo to share her life with her many dogs. Many of her fans might wonder what type of dogs the D’Amelio family has. She details each dog and who they are most attached to.
Her first dog is a brown labrador named Rebel. She’s a senior dog with a mesmerizing gaze. If she looks at you, it feels like she is staring directly at your soul. Furthermore, she likes to sit in places too small for her, not realizing how big she is.
The next dog is a Bichon Frise named Codi. He loves touching someone, which earned him the nickname cuddle bug. He’s the sweetest one out of all the family dogs.
There is also a golden retriever named Cali. Her unique quirk is that she’s obsessed with balls. She always has a ball in her mouth wherever she is. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing; she will have a ball near her.
Belle is the smallest dog but also the one who is considered the boss. She likes stepping away from the commotion and watching from the sidelines instead. She’s also the most sneaky dog in the D’Amelio house.
Each of the dogs has a role to play in the family. They are each connected to a member. For example, Cali likes to hang out with Heidi’s daughter, Dixie. Rebel is closer to the other daughter, Charli, and so on. Find out more details about all the dogs in the link below.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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