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Breeder Surrenders Tiny Pup Born Without Front Legs, Rescuers Give Her A New Hope In Life

Olivia was born in a puppy mill that specializes in teacup dog breeds. Sadly, because of inbreeding, her front legs did not fully develop. This meant that the breeder couldn’t sell her and make a profit. So she was surrendered to the Fayette County Animal Control. The breeder even asked that she be euthanized.

The tiny pup was just a half-pound when she was given up, and the shelter staff didn’t have the heart to end her life. They wanted to allow her to live a full and happy life. So they got in touch with some of their friends, and together, they all played an important role in saving Olivia’s life.

Foster care

The first they did was move Olivia out of the shelter. She needed all the love and attention that she could get. So they contacted K Scarry, and she agreed to foster the small puppy. She brought the dog to her home and gave her everything.

It was easy to fall in love with the little pup. Despite her condition, she is full of energy and love. She hops everywhere she goes, usually to greet her human family. She loves playing and interacting with humans.

But they know that hopping could discomfort the pup once she grows. So the shelter contacted a nonprofit rescue group to help Olivia get a customized wheelchair. Homeward Trails Animal Rescue agreed to find the funding needed. Soon enough, they were able to get the donations that they asked for.

The wheelchair can adjust as her body size changes.

Forever loved

Olivia isn’t up for adoption yet. They are still waiting for her wheelchair to be delivered. They would also make sure that she gets used to moving with it. That will still take several weeks. But hopefully, when she is finally ready, someone will take her home and give her all the love she deserves despite her special needs.

Source: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue via Youtube

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