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Handsome Golden Retriever Gets All Excited When Mom Says All His Fave Words While On The Phone, And His Elated Behavior Is A Major Mood

What’s your reaction when you hear your mom mention names and use words that happen to you as your favorites? You get all excited and giddy, of course.

That’s what happened to one handsome golden retriever named Tucker. This boy’s got a solid fan base on the net, and it’s not hard to imagine why.

Prank call

His fluffy fur, intelligence, and playful attitude contributed to his internet fame.

Tucker got so excited when his mom said Grandma, walk, and Journey while talking to someone on the phone.

Grandma and Journey are her favorite people, the first being his family the second being his girlfriend.

It’s so sweet seeing Tucker get all excited! As soon as his mom said his favorite companions’ names, he sat up and perked his ears.

Faux convo

He also glanced side-way when mom mentioned swimming, walking, etc.

The poor dog was beside himself because it was like Christmas suddenly arrived. He couldn’t believe he’d get to do all his fave activities and see all his companions in one day.

The pet was unaware that mom was doing all this to see how he’d react, and everything was being recorded on camera.

The golden furball must have been stoked beyond belief, and his actions are those of a kid who couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling.

After mom said goodbye to whoever it was on the phone, the rascal barked and ran towards the door. He had to say hello to grandma and his Journey, of course.

He is such a good dog, it makes me want to hug and adopt him as my own! Tucker’s family is happy that they got to share their boy with the world, and we’re glad they did.

His antics could make anyone’s day, and the dog never fails to serve all the happy vibes. Keep going, Tuckie!

Credits to Tucker Budzyn Shorts via YouTube

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