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A Loyal 15-year-old Dog Waits For Its Owner At a Train Station For 12 Hours Every Day

Dogs are the best friends in the world. They adore spending time with their caregivers. Some argue that we provide them with food and shelter, but this is not true. Only a dog lover understands what a devoted dog can do to demonstrate love and loyalty.

If you are your dog’s best friend, it will cry when you leave and jump for joy when you return. Some dogs are even more advanced. They will accompany you to work and wait for you when you return home in the evening.

Xiongxiong is one of the most loyal canines. Its devotion has moved many internet users. In a recent viral video, Xiongxiong is seen waiting outside the Liziba metro station in Chongqing’s Yuzhong district for its owner to return from work.

According to those who know Xiongxiong, the fifteen-year-old dog enters the train station every day around 8 a.m. when its owner leaves for work. Mr. Chen’s dog has been waiting for him for about 12 hours at the station. Every day, the dog lingers at Exit B in the train station for 12 hours, waiting for Mr. Chen to emerge.

When Mr. Chen exits Exit B at 8:00 p.m., Xiongxiong gets excited. Mr. Chen is also pleased and excited to see his devoted friend, who never gets tired of waiting for him.

What distinguishes Xiongxiong is that it only responds to its owner. It will not eat anything given to it by a stranger. It also does not respond when called or petted by strangers. Xiongxiong, on the other hand, barks and wags its tail as soon as Mr. Chen steps out of the train. Mr. Chen claims that seeing his dog happy makes him happy and less tired. Despite Xiongxiong’s advanced age, Mr. Chen hopes that his relationship with his loyal dog will last a long time.

Xiongxiong’s video ‘Loyal Dog Waits For Owner Every Day’ has been viewed over 10 million times, making him an overnight sensation among Chinese internet users. People are now flocking to the Liziba metro station to meet, photograph, and film this devoted dog.

Xiongxiong has been dubbed the “modern-day Hachiko” by some internet users. Hachiko was a famous Akita dog who waited for its owner every day at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station in the 1920s.

What distinguishes Hachiko from Xiongxiong is that Xiongxiong spends the entire day waiting for Mr. Chen. In contrast, Hachiko only escorted its owner to the train station in the morning and then returned home. Hachiko would rush to the train station to greet his owner in the evening.

Most dogs are that devoted. They will do all they can to help you because they adore you. You can’t make a loyal dog stop wanting to follow its owner. How you treat your dog can influence how it perceives you. It can’t be that loyal to you if you’re constantly punishing and yelling at it. If you make time to play with, train, and reward your dog, it will enjoy being with you and become loyal to you.

Some businesses are also discovering how dogs can benefit their employees. Companies like Amazon, Trupanion, Airbnb, Ceros, and Uber allow their employees to bring their dogs to work. They understand that dogs can help reduce stress and increase productivity in their employees.

Credit: People’s Daily, China ????

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