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Meet the Golden Retriever Who Has Amassed Over 50 Sticks During His Daily Walks.

It’s not just humans who enjoy collecting things. Animals such as cats, birds, and squirrels are also known to collect objects of interest. Of course, some dogs, such as this lovely Golden Retriever named Bruce, do the same thing.

It’s not surprising that Bruce’s preferred weapon is a pair of wooden sticks. After all, this is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of dogs. And the fact that he’s living up to his breed by retrieving them only adds to the comedy. But it’s possible that what made his story so compelling was how it all started.

Bruce’s fascination with wooden sticks began one afternoon when he and his owner played in a field near their home. Unfortunately, he inadvertently left his prized tree branch behind, and it started to snow.

The next day, Bruce was terrified because snow had quickly covered the entire field. It took them days of searching, and in the meantime, Bruce went out to get backup sticks to replace the missing bars.

When the weather improved, Bruce discovered the treasure he’d been looking for; well done, Bruce! But, on the other hand, Bruce’s habit of collecting sticks seemed to have persisted. Nobody knows if this was motivated by his fear of losing his first one.

One thing was sure: what started as a single stick grew to more than 50. And this dog enjoys a wide range of foods. His growing collection, which he proudly displayed on his deck, ranged from tiny slabs of driftwood to large, long tree branches.

Unfortunately, this collection is no longer playable. In 2018, Bruce played with his sticks when he was involved in an accident. While playing fetch, one of them inadvertently perforated his esophagus.

As a result, Bruce had to spend some time in the hospital. His terrified owner then decided to let him switch to rubber toys instead. He also taught him not to bring his collection inside the house, but passion and mischief get the best of him, and he sneaks in when Leo isn’t looking.

Despite this, Leo took pride in his dog’s collection and never let his enthusiasm wane. He saw how he takes pride in his collection every time he admires and checks on them as they enter and exit the house.

It wasn’t long before Bruce became well-known for his passion and life story. Was Leo surprised when Bruce went viral on the internet? Not. He stated that he is genuinely a one-of-a-kind dog who has completed his life and that life would be difficult to imagine without him. That is all that matters to every dog owner.

Source: Storyful Rights Management viaYouTube

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