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A Missing Dog Returned Home; He Rang The Doorbell At 3 a.m. And Asked To Be Let In

The next-door neighbor’s fireworks terrified Rajah, a two-year-old Labrador and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. Because she was terrified, the poor pup fled her home in Greenville, South Carolina. She returned home at three a.m., precisely eight hours after going missing, and rang the doorbell to wake her family up!
According to Rajah’s owner, Mary Lynn Whitacre, their sweet dog was playing with the other family dogs in their backyard when she became agitated by the afternoon July 4th firecrackers. Rajah fled through the fence and ran away because he was terrified. Her family attempted to find her, but she was too fast.
Rajah’s family is new to the neighborhood, so Mary Lynn and her husband Rick were concerned that their dog had become disoriented. The couple was aware that Rajah was unfamiliar with their neighborhood’s streets. Furthermore, the increasing number of exploding fireworks that day made it impossible for them to call out her name. Mary Lynn and Rick drove around looking for her but couldn’t find Rajah.
It had been more than seven hours, and the family decided to turn to social media for assistance, hoping that someone would notice the scared dog in their neighborhood. They took a break from their search and returned home, saddened and concerned that Rajah had not been found. But, before calling it a night, they hung a shirt on their porch in the hopes of luring Rajah home.
Then something unexpected happened: Rick, who couldn’t sleep, heard noises outside. First, he listened to some scratching, and then the doorbell rang. When he looked at their front door CCTV, he noticed Rajah! Rick initially assumed that someone had brought their pet home. However, after reviewing the video again, he discovered that Rajah rang the doorbell.
Rajah’s family was puzzled about where she had been for the previous seven hours, but they knew she had gone on some adventure. The unruly dog returned home strewn with dirt, thorns, and mud. Fortunately, she returned home, and her family was relieved that the day had ended positively. Not every family is lucky to have their pets returned after they have run away! They’re just thankful Rajah is a smart dog who found her way home!

Credits: r/funny via Reddit?

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