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The Loyal Dog RemainsBy Her Owner Side During The Laid To Rest

Dogs’ devotion to their owners will never be called into question. They are always concerned with making their humans feel valued and loved. And they will never leave their side, no matter how hard the world tries to separate them.

Maria Isabel Benites Chamba, a 95-year-old Ecuadorian woman, was laid to rest, but her dog remained by her side until the end.This only demonstrated that a dog’s love is always pure and unconditional.

Bummer was adamant about not abandoning his owner.

Bummer stayed close to Maria Isabel during her wake, just as he had done when she was still alive. According to a family spokesperson, you could see the loyalty and affection that existed between Bummer and her owner.

As the ceremony concluded, a procession was formed to transport Maria Isabel’s coffin to the cemetery. The dog insisted on accompanying the family.

Bummer circled the hearse before jumping aboard as if he was saying goodbye to his mother.

Managing a Depressed Dog

Maria Isabel may have died, but her dog’s devotion endures. Likewise, Bumer’s broken heart will hopefully heal over time.

While dogs are unable to express their emotions, they may exhibit symptoms similar to those of depression. There are some things you may need to do to deal with it.

To begin, try engaging them in enjoyable activities such as general training and games. If you’re too busy for that, you could take the pup to dog daycare and let him play with the other dogs.

When a fellow pet dies, dogs may experience grief. When the time comes, you might think about getting another dog.

Nonetheless, if none of the above remedies work, it is critical to seek professional assistance. As a last resort, the veterinarian may administer some medication. But, before you do so, consult an animal behaviorist.

Video Source and capture: People are Wholesome via YouTube

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