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A Dying Man Fights For His Senior Dog To Find a Loving Home.

John Weston’s rescue dog, Pawpaw, brings him great joy and comfort. Regrettably, the man was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, ALS. Unfortunately, the illness progressed quickly due to his age, forcing him to rehome his furry best friend.
Fortunately, John no longer needs to look elsewhere because his neighbor is the solution to his problem. Sherri Franklin, John’s next-door neighbor, is the CEO of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.
John had already asked Sherri to look after the dog if anything happened to him. This was not Sherri’s first time taking excellent care of the dog.
When John had to stay in the hospital three years ago, Pawpaw stayed with Sherri. This explains why the CEO already has a great relationship with the dog. But, given John’s condition, Sherri realizes she must keep her promise to her friend.
Sherri promised to look for a potential adopter for the dog. But he first asked John to reconsider allowing the dog to stay by his side until he died. However, John asked that the dog be rehomed as soon as possible.
Luckily, one of Sherri’s friends was in town for a conference. Originally from Los Angeles, Bernie Knobbe came to San Francisco for a work-related gathering. When she found out he was in town, Sherri contacted Bernie and asked if he was interested in adopting a dog.
Fortunately, Bernie contacted Sherri first, even before she asked. According to Bernie, they found out about Pawpaw’s situation after seeing a Facebook post. He then inquired whether the dog was still available for adoption, to which Sherri replied in the affirmative.
John had one more wish before saying goodbye to his beloved dog: to meet Bernie. He wanted to ensure Pawpaw’s new owner would be kind to the dog.

Credits to?Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

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