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Two Therapy Dogies Finally Made Their Love Legal By Marrying And Raising Funds For A Local Shelter.

The Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) has established a rule that dogs must be at least 2 feet away from other dogs and animals at all times while representing ATD at a visit or event. This rule, however, did not deter Jazz and Murph. They fell in love at first sniff and will commit to each other.

Jazz and Murph are two of the more than a hundred therapy dogs who work at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). MUSC hosts an outreach program every year, and this year’s program allowed Jazz and Murph to tie the leash. The proceeds from this outreach program went to the Charleston Animal Society, a local animal shelter.

They had the wedding site set up, complete with a registry, and the planning was packed to the brim. They had 130 dogs and their owners as guests. They also had their wedding on Valentine’s Day at St. Luke’s Chapel on the university’s campus in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Jazz and Murph were dressed to the nines on the wedding day, with no details overlooked. The bride looked lovely in her veil, and the groom looked dashing in his tux. As a substitute for rings, they used glitter hearts as a symbol of love. Then, as a happy couple working two feet apart, the guests blew bubbles as they walked down the aisle.

As they exited the chapel, their guests greeted them with adoration. It was a happy day for the couple, and they got to help a local shelter at the same time. Jazz and Murph wanted to share their love for each other with all animals that the Charleston Animal Society will eventually help.

According to Pet Therapy Coordinator Cathy Bennett, it was the most challenging wedding she’d ever planned. It was the first and only wedding she had ever dreamed of. Jazz and Murph wanted to be together, so the best they could do was make it legal.

Source: Facebook viaMedical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

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