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Every Morning, a Chiweenie Puppy Fell In Love With A Rescued Tortoise And Kissed Him

Karen Sisneros, who frequently adopts rescue animals, adopted a tortoise from the humane society and named him Tilly G. She placed him in the backyard, where he began to thrive. He had an outgoing personality and wanted to be right in the middle of things. He got along fine with the other animals in the house.

Not long after that, the family adopted Skippy, a five-month-old rescue Chiweenie. First, he got to know the cats and the dog. They didn’t realize how Tilly G would react to a high-energy puppy, so they planned a gradual introduction.

Skippy seemed enamored with Tilly G when they first met. He started the friendship by kissing him on the cheek. He’s been looking for him ever since.

Skippy’s morning routine consisted of kissing Tilly G and offering his favorite toy. He always seemed ecstatic to see him, as if they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Surprisingly, the tortoise did not attempt to avoid Skippy. Instead, he welcomed his visitor’s presence.

Chiweenie, dog, portrait

Skippy was intrigued and wanted to be a part of what Tilly G was up to. He wanted a hibiscus flower when he saw the tortoise eating one. So he would occasionally steal a flower from Tilly G.

Skippy’s favorite game was making Tilly G laugh. He’d wave something at him while holding something in his mouth. He acted as if he wanted the tortoise to chase him.

Skippy and Tilly G were opposed, however their differences did not matter, because they accepted one another. They shared unfailing love and genuine friendship.

Source: The Dodo viaYouTube

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