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Two Service Dogs Dedicate Their Lives To Bringing Joy To Little Kids

Dogs are famously known for their unwavering support and the comfort they bring to humans.

When a company wanted to help with patients from a children’s hospital, they knew exactly who to call. Two special service canines named Agnes and Baskin were given the task to provide comfort and they went above and beyond and gave companionship a whole other meaning.

At your service

The Joy in Childhood Foundation was an annual project sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. Their main mission was to create the Dogs For Joy program which provided well-trained dogs that were assigned to accompany Children’s Hospital patients.

Baskin, the Golden Retriever, and Agnes, the Goldendoodle, were two of the best dogs in the program. These canines were specifically trained to comfort patients in stressful medical situations.

During their first week at the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, Baskin and Agnes already made a huge impact on their assigned young patients. The little kids loved the dogs so much because they got a lot stronger and felt more resilient whenever the two were around.

Besides comforting the kids, Baskin and Agnes also took care of anxious and worried parents or guardians. Even the hospital staff gained a smile on their faces whenever the two adorable dogs were in sight. The canines’ presence was highly appreciated and made the place look so much brighter.

Multi-talented dogs

Other than companionship, the smart dogs knew how to demonstrate medical procedures, and they also taught children how to take pills. Despite the stressful hospital environment, the two dogs knew how to lighten up the room.

Baskin and Agnes proved the importance of having programs such as Dogs For Joy. It was an inspiring project that should be practiced by more local children’s hospitals.

In the near future, the program’s founders hoped to have more beneficiary hospitals and a larger number of patients to help. The whole idea of the project was centered on empowering service dogs and showing their real purpose.

Dog For Joy successfully placed fifteen full-time pediatric service dogs in numerous hospitals across the country. All of the patients were glad to have dogs like Baskin and Agnes that truly loved all the patients they encountered.

Photo Source: Joy in Children Foundation via Facebook

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