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The BASSET HOUND: Slow But Enthusiastic

The Basset hound is slow but enthusiastic. They like being part of the family and participating with
them in their activities. They are affectionate but somewhat stubborn. If they want something,
they will bark endlessly until they get away with it.

They are calm and relaxed and thanks to these characteristics, they adapt to apartment life
without any issues. They are very sociable with other dogs and very kind to people. They love
family life!

Even though they look clumsy, somewhat lazy and slow, they love long walks and also do not mind
running at all. They are overall a nice dog to have and the only drawback is being obstinate.

General Characteristics:

Overall appearance: these dogs have short legs of considerable size; they are proportionate and
have very positive traits. They have remarkably heavy bone, powerful little legs, and massive
Height: 13 to 20 inches

Head: they may have some wrinkles on their forehead as well as on both sides of the eyes.
Eyes: they have diamond-shaped slightly sunken eyes with sagging lower eyelids. The eyes can be
dark down but tend to be light brown if they are overall lighter in color. They may look stern and

basset hound god dog

Ears: the ears are long and they may reach up to tip of the nozzle. They are slightly rounded,
flexible and soft. The ears drag the ground.
Neck: the neck is well-built and rather long. They have a rounded skull with a deep muzzle.

Front Legs: they have curved front legs. They do not get in the way of walking. They do not cause
problems when standing up either. They have stubby legs.
Back Legs: the back legs are also stubby but muscular. Their short legs make them move more
slowly than longer-legged dogs. The short legs give a rectangular appearance.

Feet: the feet are strong with massive paws.
Tail: the tail is long and solid. It has a white tip at the end. When the dog moves, the tail curves up
like a sabre and it makes it easy to find them if the dog is in tall grass.

Coat: they have smooth, short, hard-textured coats.
Color: in general, they are white, black and tri-color (tan, black, and white), which are typical or
lemon and white, which may be rare.

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