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Trusty French Bulldog Saves A Wedding After The Best Man ‘Forgot’ The Rings

A wedding will always be a big occasion celebrated by families and friends. Everyone that the husband and wife are close to will be invited to it, and a few of them will be given special tasks.

But what about their pet doggos? Aren’t these fur babies their closest friends as well?

Fortunately, many couples who decided to tie the knot do involve their pet puppers in the ceremony. Most of the time, the dogs will be the ring bearers. But for Laura and James Russell’s wedding, their pup George was given a very unique role to play.

The best man usually keeps the wedding rings in his pocket. But when the pastor asked for them during the ceremony, it appeared as if he’d lost them! The best man then stepped out, and the crowd laughed at this unexpected incident. Little did they know that it was part of a skit that they planned.

After the best man disappeared, a short clip played on a screen near the couple. It showed their French Bulldog, George, sleeping in his pajamas. The pupper then received a phone call from the best man asking him to bring the wedding rings. Still half asleep, George obliged.

Then the clip showed the pupper running to the venue to save the day. However, he felt a little underdressed for the occasion, so he went back home, took a shower, and then he put on a tuxedo. George did all of these while the song “Eye Of The Tiger” played in the background.

The couple’s friends and family could stop laughing at what they’re watching. When the skit ended, George walked down the aisle with the best man. When they got to the front, the pastor asked George for the rings, and this time, the best man pulled them out of his pocket. Check out the hilarious wedding skit starring George.

Credits: Daily Mail

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