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Sick Dog Discovered in a Puddle Behind a Dumpster Now Joins His Father And The Rest Of The Pack On Adventures

Lily, a beautiful Saint Bernard, enjoys a happy life with her father, Lee Asher. They travel a lot and go on excursions virtually every day with the rest of their group. But, like most rescues, her life didn’t start well.

Lily was discovered lying in a puddle behind a dumpster by animal control. People assumed she was already dead since she was still. However, they realized she was still alive when they touched her.

Lily was in such bad shape, but the vets couldn’t tell out why. She suffered from seizures, and no pill or treatment could help her. She swiftly worsened and had lost all hope.

Because of her breed, the shelter employees assumed Lily belonged with someone. They held her for three weeks because she presumably ran away and became lost. They waited for someone to come and get her, but no one did, and Lee paid her daily visits during that period.

The longer the Dog stayed in her kennel, the less likely she was to be adopted. Her zeal had waned. On the other hand, Lee urged her to persevere and told her that they would go on adventures as soon as he could get him out of the shelter.

Lily was soon available for adoption, but there were few takers. Aside from Lee, there is another woman who has arrived. He told her she could take the puppy if she wanted it, but he also told her he’d been paying her daily visits for the past three weeks because he was desperate to adopt her.

Lee had Lily by the end of the day. He was delighted to welcome her into his pack as the newest member. He started her vet appointments right away and did everything he could to get her back on her feet.

Lily is now 11 years old. For about six years, she’s been with Lee’s pack, now known as The Asher House. Her father admitted that she isn’t the brightest of them all, but she is lovely, and he adores her.

Credits toThe Asher House

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