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A Gentle Giant Dog Comforts Little Dogs In Foster Care While Waiting For Their Forever Homes

Our dog’s warm hug will help us fight the blues off. But, like people, dogs need their fellow dogs’ comfort too!

A Denver dog, Colorado has helped afraid and anxious shelter dogs be comfortable as they wait for their eternal homes patiently.

Charlie is a mixture of Catahoula, given by the Dumb Friends League by his former owners (DDFL). DDFL has several branches across Colorado aimed at ending animal suffering and unemployment through compassion. While it will be complicated to find a foster because of its enormous size (when he arrives in the shelter, it is overweight of 35 pounds), the employees are committed to finding a foster home for him.

Fortunately, she was voluntarily fostered by Alaina Bupp and her husband in Charlie. They promised to monitor the health of Charlie too.

Under Alaina’s care, Charlie’s health improved. He had lowered his panting and now could run and walk quickly. Later on, she was given a permanent home to Charlie by Alaina and her husband.

Alaina and her husband opened their doors again for another dog, a Chihuahua, once again after giving Charlie a permanent house. The Chihuahua always felt cold as it was weightless. Charlie would always stay next to the little dog to warm him and comfort him if he was anxious.

After seeing how Charlie cared for his little dog, Alaina realized that he could be a great reassurance for small dogs. Charlie did the same thing to other dogs that Alaina cared for as she waited for her adopters.

Altogether, in three years, Charlie comforted 13 foster dogs.

Charlie helped the dogs overcome their fears as their new life passes. He prepared the dogs for living with loving people.

Photos courtesy of Dumb Friends League viaFacebook


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