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A Dog Who Had Been Left In A Field Is Rescued And Given A Second Chance At Happiness

Tia Maria Torres is a well-known animal rescuer. She created the Villalobos Rescue Center and hosted Pit Bulls & Parolees’ TV show documents their attempts to save unwanted pets. The TV show also demonstrates how they care for and adore the dogs they rescue to prepare them for a new permanent home.

Tia believes in giving pets a second opportunity and will always rescue a dog in need. Blanche, a Pit Bull puppy, was one of her most memorable rescues. Blanche had been abandoned in the middle of a field, and Tia knew she had to act quickly to save the puppy.

Blanche is incapable of surviving on her alone. Blanche couldn’t defend herself against more giant creatures, and with little food or water, Tia knew she didn’t have much time. Nevertheless, Tia overcame emotion during the rescue since she had already experienced the anguish of having puppies die on her lap.

However, when Tia got to the destination, she discovered two males in the yard, holding the puppy in his arms. Tia exhaled a sigh of relief as she realized Blanche was safe. Tia couldn’t believe how lovely and cute Blanche was when she first met her. Tia couldn’t think someone would have the courage to quit Blanche.

When Tia placed Blanche on the ground to observe her walking style, she instantly knew why. Blanche has severely malformed front legs. According to Tia, Blanche may have come from a backyard breeder who didn’t know how to breed dogs properly. Blanche’s condition meant the breeder wouldn’t sell her, so they chose to abandon her instead.

Thankfully, the excellent samaritan discovered Blanche and handed her over to Tia. According to Tia’s consultation with a veterinarian, Blanche’s front legs were suggested to be straightened with a bandage and splints. Blanche took the time to find out her slings, but she adjusted quickly and began jogging once she did.

Tia believes that the splints will cure Blanche’s malformation in a few months. Until then, Tia and her staff will look after Blanche and shower her with all of the affection she can take. Here’s a beautiful video of Blanche learning to walk again in preparation for her forever home.

Video Source Animal Planet viaYouTube

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