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After 5 Years Of Searching, a Woman Miraculously Finds Her Lost Dog

Renee Perry left her 18-month-old basenji mix in the care of a pet sitter in Framingham, Massachusetts, in 2016. Bay was her dog’s name, and he’s a quiet and gentle creature. Bay, however, managed to escape his confinement and went gone. Renee spent years looking for him.

Renee never lost up hope of seeing her quiet and lovely puppy again, but their reunion seemed increasingly impossible as the years passed. Finally, however, thanks to the efforts of a family from Needham and Missing Dogs Massachusetts, they were reunited this year.

Bay’s tale

In July of 2018, a family in Needham noticed an unusual amount of dog excrement in their backyard. They acquired a camera to capture their backyard to figure out what their nighttime visitor was up to. They noticed a white dog urinating in their yard. Because the dog appeared to be well-fed, they concluded it was a neighbor’s pet and moved on.

An advertisement for a lost dog caught the family’s notice two years later. So they put up a cage trap in their yard with the help of Danielle Matthew from Missing Dogs Massachusetts. They wanted to see if their newcomer was the missing canine. It turns out it wasn’t that dog after all. Bay was the one who did it.

Bay and Renee together again

Bay was fat, but she was filthy and tick-infested. Thankfully, Bay still had a microchip with Renee’s contact information. Unfortunately, Renee didn’t recognize Bay at first since she had gained weight during her absence. Bay gained ten pounds.

Bay was remained Renee’s dog, despite his appearance. Renee was thrilled when she realized it. Their reconnection was dubbed a “miracle” by her. Bay was checked by a veterinarian and determined to be in unexpectedly good condition. Bay only needed his ticks and fleas removed, but other than that, he was OK.

Watch Renee and Bay reunite in this video.

Credit:CBS Boston

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