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This Dog Goes Viral on TikTok After Requesting Permission To Enter The Doggie Pool From His Owner

Everyone is looking for methods to chill off and rejuvenate oneself throughout the summer. Unfortunately, the same is true for dogs. Fortunately, some owners are taking their dogs to the beach, lake, or even resorts.

On the other hand, some dogs stay at home with their families and enjoy lengthy swims in the pool. Oaklie, a cute Labrador, became a TikTok sensation after demonstrating his excitement (or rather obsession) with the doggy pool. What made the scene so more adorable was that he insisted politely.

Oaklie is ecstatic about going to the pool.

In a TikTok video posted by Oaklie’s owner, Giselle Tremblay-McEachern, the dog can be seen standing near the pool with a towel in his mouth. Giselle could be heard chatting to Oaklie in the background, explaining that the dog couldn’t swim in the pool yet since it was too early.

Oaklie appeared to hear Giselle and approached his owner with puppy eyes. Oaklie’s expression on Giselle seemed to be one of request.

To witness Oaklie’s response, watch the video below. Would you say no to his request to jump in the pool if you saw his puppy eyes?

What did TikTok users have to say?

Oaklie’s video has received over 7 million views as of this writing. It also has 1.9 million likes and over 14K comments. It only goes to demonstrate how lovely the video was to the great TikTok users.

One commenter stated that Oaklie would not take no for an answer because he had everything prepared (which included the towel). Another commenter joked that at least Giselle’s dog requested permission to go into the pool, whereas the commenter’s dog would jump in.

One person, however, misinterpreted Oaklie’s look. He/she stated that Oaklie’s look indicated that he didn’t care about time. Swimming was more essential for the dog.

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Video Source: BandanaBoys3.0 viaTikTok

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