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Just Hours After A Female Pit Bull Was Rescued, She Went Into Labor. Her Puppies Are Simply Adorable.

A non-profit animal rescue group called Hope for Paws with headquartered in California that was formed in 2008. They aim to rescue stray animals and those in danger. They are responsible for the veterinary bills as well as the rehabilitation. In addition, they may collaborate with other animal care organizations to find them permanent homes.

Hope For Paws recently received a phone call about a Pit Bull discovered in a field near the caller’s house and begged for assistance in rescuing her.

The dog was significantly pregnant and on the verge of giving birth at any moment. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick, two volunteers, came to her aid. In the meanwhile, the caller looked after her till they came.

When they did, the gray Pit Pull approached them with glee. She was lovely and accessible, so they were simple to handle, feed, and leash her. Moreover, she seemed trustworthy, as if she knew they were going to save her.

The volunteers gave waffles a name, and she was transported to the clinic straight away. They performed an ultrasound on her and discovered that she was pregnant with seven puppies. They offered her a lovely shower after the check-up.

JoAnn then decided to bring her home to care for her till she gave birth. Unfortunately, waffles went into labor just a few days after bringing her home!

The first puppy, called Pancake, emerged. The sausage was followed by the Beignet, Doughnut, and Hashbrown! The final one, Croissant, arrived a bit later. Thankfully, all puppies are unharmed, thanks to JoAnn, who stood by Waffles’ side during the birth.

Waffles did not have to give birth on the streets because of groups like Hope For Paws and the individuals who support them!

You may see Waffles’ rescue tale here:

Source: Hope For Paws viaYouTube

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