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The ‘Skeleton’ Dog Discovered Locked Inside Cage At Abandoned Doggy Daycare Is Delighted To Be Safe

The mysterious circumstances surrounding a starving dog found locked inside a kennel at an abandoned doggy daycare center in Vancouver, British Columbia, are being investigated by local authorities.

The authorities brought the rescued dog to the British Columbia SPCA, an animal shelter. And upon seeing him, the staff was shocked; they could see almost every bone in his body after shaving his matted fur because of his overgrown hair.

It is quite unclear how or why the dog, now known as Gator, ended up at the doggie daycare, but authorities are investigating the case of animal cruelty. Gator is dealing with various health issues, but he is going to recover completely.

Rescuers discovered Gator in a kennel covered in urine and feces, along with another dog who had died there. The SPCA staff described his living conditions as “horrifying.” Thankfully, he was already out of that situation.

His caregivers describe Gator as lovable and social. He can’t get enough of people, despite what he has been through at their hands. Gator is enjoying spending time with his SPCA caregivers after being alone for so long.

The staff members at the animal shelter are treating the dog for malnutrition, an abscessed ear, and a grade-four oral infection. Gator’s care costs around $6,000, and the fundraising goal has already been surpassed, with nearly $46,000 raised.

The shelter will use the extra money to cover the costs of medical care for other animals in their care. While the investigation is still ongoing, the rescue group confirmed that they have already identified a person of interest in the case.

Hundreds of people commented on Gator’s story after the rescue group posted about his medical fundraiser on Facebook. The pooch has already sparked lots of interest from potential adopters, who eagerly await when the shelter puts him up for adoption.

Credits to BC SPCA / BCSPCA

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