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This Sweet Dog Dad Waited Her Entire Life For Someone To Notice Her And Her Abilities

Finally, the moment arrived. Helen spent six years in a small resort town in Romania. She was once captured for the local government’s neuter-spay program before being released back onto the streets. Although She had no idea what it was like to have a family, she had always wished for one.

Helen was fortunate to be accepted as one of the town’s neighborhood stray dogs, even though life on the streets is never easy. Finally, she had her haven, and she rarely went hungry because passers-by, both locals, and visitors, always gave her food scraps. As a result, unlike most stray animals, she didn’t have to scavenge for food.

Despite this, the dog never gave up hope that someone would come along and change her life for the better. She believed that when the right time came, she would be able to leave the streets. And then, after years of waiting, her moment arrived.

Helen was noticed by a woman visiting Romania, and she wondered why such a lovely dog had to live on the streets. She wanted to help her, so she contacted Howl of A Dog, and rescuers agreed to assist right away.

Helen was driven for two hours straight by the rescuers to the veterinary clinic, where she underwent a series of blood tests. When the vets determined she was in good health, she returned to the Howl of A Dog shelter and received her first bath. She was delighted to be clean finally and promptly fell asleep.

Helen spent the next month acquainting herself with her new surroundings. However, while she was amazed by everything her new life had to offer, her rescuers were astounded by how well she walked on a leash and behaved inside a home. Her entire life, she pretended to be an indoor dog.

Helen captivated rescue workers and volunteers. They all agreed she had stolen their hearts the moment she walked into the shelter. And as a result, they all worked together to find her the loving home she so richly deserved.

Helen was discovered on social media by a lovely family from the Netherlands, and the moment they saw her photos, they fell in love with her. They knew they wanted her in their lives, so they made plans for her flight. Helen soon found herself in her forever home.

Credits toHowl of A Dog

3 responses to “This Sweet Dog Dad Waited Her Entire Life For Someone To Notice Her And Her Abilities”

  1. Thank you for sharing! It gives me hope that there are good people out there helping these animals. From.the US.

  2. I also love my dogs and cat. They are entwined in our family.they are like out kids.

  3. So happy to see Helen in her home. :). She was so brave so many years on the streets.

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