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A Senior Dog Survives A Major Tumor Removal Procedure.

Senior dogs are prone to illness. Most dog owners will not invest in medication for their sick or elderly dogs, and euthanasia is usually more practical. Owners who adore their dogs, on the other hand, will go to any length to keep them healthy, regardless of their age.

Yippun, a senior dog, had been suffering from a massive tumor in his stomach. But, unfortunately, the owners lacked the funds to have it treated. Only with the assistance of the television network, SBS TV, were they able to get him treated.

Yippun had more than one tumor, according to the results of a medical examination. Aside from the big one, he has a few smaller ones all over his body. As a result, the hospital dispatched a team of veterinarians to handle Yippun’s surgery.

Yippun was a difficult patient for the surgeons to operate on. When they touched him, his blood vessels kept rupturing. It took a lot of effort to stop the bleeding, but they did it. The surgeons successfully removed Yippun’s tumors.

Yippun had to spend two weeks in the hospital recovering. Then, the owners returned to the hospital to check on their dog’s condition. They were relieved to see him in his new form.

Yippun was able to move around freely. He was moving faster because he didn’t have a tumor to slow him down. He was still skipping because he was getting used to the new sensation. Overall, he appears happier, and he even has a smile on his face.

The owners expressed their appreciation to the veterinarians who performed the surgery. The vets will undoubtedly miss Yippun and his adorable presence. After some formalities, the owners returned to their home with Yippun.

These are not the only people who have benefited from SBS TV. On their YouTube channel, they have many more incredible stories like this one.

Video courtesy of SBS TV viaYouTube.


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